The company manufactures parts and works with certified raw materials WRS, KTW, W270, ACS, CFR § 177.2600 FDA.
We produce silicone plugs,gasket for tanks, condensers and heat exchangers, gaskets for all types of cranes, floats and collar ties.
We strive to help our customers and ensure real quality.



Produce fine and reversible self - adjusting scrapers for rubber conveyor belts-all sizes, with the development and construction company. We produce rubber parts for all visove cleaners special abrasion rubber compound.
We produce polyurethane components for all types of cleaning Shore A and Shore D. We produce rubber and polyurethane rings for all types of rollers and spare parts.
We produce all kinds of rubber, plastic and metal caps, rings for dryers, drums, rubber, plastic and metal caps, rings for dryers, drums, rubber silver bolts, spare parts for coal handling.
All vielastitsi, grass cutting and other connectors.



We help to our customers to select elastomers,environment, way of working and achieving desired final parameters of the details.
We produce a complete parts and parts for incorporation into new machines.
We produce spare parts for different machinery in reference to our customers and partners.



Dust - producing bottles for axles, steering rods and joints of oil-resistant rubber compounds and silicones.
We produce auto access ories by orders for our customers.